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BANGOR, Maine, Oct. 2, 2004 (AP) - Legal sources close to “Revolver®” today announced the band will NOT further pursue lawsuits against “Velvet Revolver”, the band consisting of Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, ex-Guns n'Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum.

Although the similarities in name and general all out rocking style, as well as wild rock’n’roll lifestyle are uncanny, apparently “Velvet Revolver” formed and named themselves with NO foreknowledge of who the REAL “Revolver” was.

Legal sources for “Velvet Revolver” were contacted and would only say, “who the hell are you? Stop calling this number you freak. If you keep calling us we WILL press legal charges [phone slammed down].”

We attempted to speak to Scott Weiland about this but were rudely punched in the nose by his personal bodyguard when we tried to talk to him backstage at a recent concert. Actually we couldn’t get backstage at all, some lame local security guy wouldn’t let us in the back door, said he'd never heard of Revolver® and said "get a life you old fat bald dude!".

“We’re glad this is all behind us now, we can look forward to upcoming solo projects”, said Worldwide Association of Revolver Fans® vice president, general manager, and largest fan, Arlene Hooper.

"Sure, they are ripping off our look, moves, and sound", said Revolver® guitarist Lester in a recent interview, "but in the interest on being good citizens of the universe, we will drop the lawsuit and move on and just create man. Just create."


BANGOR, Maine, Oct. 16, 2002 (AP) - The infamous "Walter is dead" picture has resurfaced, bringing a resurgence in rumors surrounding the band.

The picture, which can be seen on the band's website, shows Revolver on a typical Maine fishermen's dock. Jamie, wearing dark mourning glasses, has grave digger gloves on. Walter, who is backward, is dressed in black and is barefoot (this is out of frame). Bruce, also wearing dark glasses, is dressed as a pallbearer. Lester is dressed as a preacher* and is overseeing the "funeral" scene. Just out of frame is a Volkswagen with a license plate that has the numbers "22" in it, which is how old Walter would be if he were alive when the picture was taken.

How It All Started

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of the 'Walter Is Dead' hoax. Some believe Revolver and their record label started the rumor as a marketing ploy to sell albums and get more teddy bear picnic gigs.

We may never know the true origin of the hoax. However, we do know how it was brought into public knowledge.

In 1984 Brian Matthews, a radio Disc Jockey in Bangor, announced that Walter was dead. His proof: evidence strewn throughout Revolvers' songs, movies, and album artwork. Newspaper and television reporters picked up the story and the news quickly spread across the greater Lee-vant area.

Was it a practical joke, a cruel hoax, or simply all coincidence? Most of the clues are very ambiguous. They certainly do not offer concrete evidence as to whether or not they were planted or simply coincidental. Who was behind the whole thing? Nobody knows for sure.

"I am also certain that Walter is NOT dead", said Worldwide Association of Revolver Fans ® vice president, general manager, and largest fan, Arlene Hooper, "I saw him in person a few years ago".

*A tan and blue coat and maroon slacks were the typical garments worn by followers of Maharishi Sparky. Sparky's yelping and howling religious technique seduced Lester into the mystic Eastern religion early in Revolver's career. Sparky often attended Revolver gigs when they played at Lester's Garage, the club where they first got their start and later recorded the live album "Revolver - 1982". The club has since been converted into someone's garage.


BANGOR, Maine, Oct. 9, 2002 – Today the Worldwide Association of Revolver Fans ® announced the introduction of the Official Revolver Fan Web Site (

“This web site will enable all Revolver fans every where to get the latest up to date information on their favorite band, as well as lyrics, tour dates, and multimedia content”, said Worldwide Association of Revolver Fans ® vice president, general manager, and largest fan, Arlene Hooper.

Revolver was the premier mid 80's central Maine Bangor Area small club, wedding, high school dance, and teddy bear picnic playing rock band. Although, they officially broke up in the mid-late 80’s, last year’s surprise reunion concert in Jamie’s garage has gotten their internet fan base buzzing about a reunion tour and maybe an album.

“If we can convince Lester and Walter to quit their jobs and relocate back to Bangor and completely rip up there families’ lives, then we are halfway there”, said Arlene. “Then they just need to write and record a hit album." Then she added, "Maybe we could get Dean back from the west coast. It'd be great to hear “TEST…Test…test…, ONE…One…one…, TWO…Two…Two…, for two fucking hours while he plays with the damn digital delay during set-up.”

Revolver hit fame in the mid 80’s in the Bangor area with their four song EP titled, "REVOLVER - Demo Tape". Last year two CDs of older material were re-issued; the CD "REVOLVER - 1982" and "REVOLVER – The Basement Tape". Fans were ecstatic and nearly a dozen copies were burned and copied.

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