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Revolver History:

This is the real point of this web site. A place where some of the stuff Revolver did can be documented, because I know my brain is getting foggy and I thought it would be good to get some of this down on paper (er...electrons) before we all forget.


Vinalhaven 1

My favorite gig was the first Vinalhaven one, just because it was a HUGE party. Second one was good too, just that the first one was like magic. -dh

And I agree, that Vinalhaven probably was the best all-around performance. The whole Island was there, and it rocked -bw

??? Junior High

The JR high dance where the little girls screamed like you were the Beatles. They were shouting stuff through the door during the breaks, like "oh the drummer can kiss me!". Really, I remember that happening. What was the name of that school? -dh

Bucksport Dance

The Bucksport dance where the crowd was hostile and it seemed to spark a weird energy in you guys, prompting Walter to do a 15-20 minute guitar solo during "Cocaine". -dh

The school dance was Bucksport High school (wonder why there? chuckle) and I clearly remember the young guy waving his fist in a very Billy Idol-like manner, rockin out.... That really was fun. -bw

Was that the one where we couldn't set up because the basketball team was practicing? Then they were giving us crap because we didn't start on time? -dh

We did use the gym there, and set up on their stage, and used the locker room before and between sets. -bw


The Barstans gig where the punk group "Zero Mentality" showed up and tried to mosh (back then it was called slam dancing) during "Turning Japanese" and Jamie nearly belted a punked out guy with his bass. I remember that vividly 'cause if it hadn't been for the bouncer, it might have turned into a real bar brawl, at least that's the way that I remember it. -dh

Oh yeah, Barstans was great, getting these surprised looks from the barflys when we'd play Blue Oyster Cult stuff... like "wow, nobody plays Blue Oyster Cult"... -bw

One night you were playing Barstan's and you had just finished up the set with "Don't Fear the Reaper". Walter was really “on” that night and had ripped through “Reaper” with a great solo. Some guy came up to me and asked how long that guy (pointing to Walter) had been playing guitar. He said he was blown away by his playing. I don't know if I ever forwarded that complement, but here it is now. -dh

Oh, you all got complements too. Lester often got praised for his “nice voice”, as did Jamie too. I also remember one guy at that frat party going on about how Bruce was better than “sliced bread”. -dh


Oh ya, and early on that party you played at a McD's coworkers garagen. Lester had just bought that new Peavy amp and it was the first gig using it. I remember Lester turned it up and hit a chord on his the guitar during set-up and the freakin' sound hit the hill across the valley and bounced back in a big natural echo. We all just kinda looked at each other and went "Wow... cool". Then during the show the cops showed up to shut it down-dh

Oh yeah! I remember that garage party. As the cops drove down the driveway, we started playing the Clash's "Police On My Back." What a buncha delinquents. -ln

The McDonalds party out at Jim Cowans trailer.... sheesh. -bw


And how about the Showring, with all 12 people!!!! It still was cool, actually playing at the Showring. -bw

I remember the air traffic control signals that came through the PA (or CB signals, or something like that). It so reminds me of that scene from "Spinal Tap" where they are playing the Air Force Base. -dh

Teddy Bear Picnic

And of course there was the Teddy Bear Picnic... gak. -bw

That's the only time I ever had someone physically grab my arm and try to force me to "turn it down" (which was funny because I couldn't turn down your amps from the mixer! And I sure didn't have a drum volume knob!) . So my arm was being pulled down and the faders along with them and the vocals kept getting lower and lower. As I recall that was just before you stopped playing. I also remember that "Godzilla" was on the set list, but you never got around to playing it, hummm... wonder why. -dh

Hotel-Motel Time

And Hotel-Motel time, in Skowhegan. What was the name of that dump? -bw

Bears Den - UMO

We played the Bear's Den a couple of times (both old and new versions of the band). That was always fun. Plus, we played at least one frat party up there. Can't remember if that was Revolver I or II, though. -ln

I remember the Bears Den. People started to dance on the tables during "Wild Thing", it was really quite, well...wild. Some old security guard come over and got the people off the tables. Did he say anything to us or tell us to turn it down?? -dh

Frat party was Revolver I, thank you very much! (the one time we played Won't Get Fooled Again in public, methinks!) Plus, we played Barstans a couple of times, and the Time-Out (when the power went out on us mid-set) so we were up around Orono as much as anywhere. -bw

OK, I also remember you playing Won't Get Fooled Again, because it actually came off very well. You guys were nervous about it because you'd only practiced it a couple times and thought it missed the sythesiser part, but it sounded really good. -dh

Ah yes... the Time-Out, the whole freakin' band, PA, and light set-up going through one 15amp breaker! -dh


I also remember the way you guys would jam back in Jamie's basement. You where pretty good by then and some of those jams where rockin'. Too bad those didn't get those on tape. I'm thinking of the Post Grandparents Basement and Pre Walter/Bruce departure era. -dh

And let's not forget the practices in the Norton garage... Sure Jim's basement was where it probably started to gel, and Barb's Grandparents basement was where it was at it's best, but we did a lot of learning out there on Union Street, with back up vocals by Sparky! -bw

If you have any recollections of seeing Revolver, or if you were in Revolver, drop the web guy a note.

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